Just what are all these 93’s you see dotted around the Thelemic world?

Good question; and a fair one too. It is even contested within the Thelemic community as to whether they should be used at all. But that doesn’t answer the question, does it…

93 is the enumeration (Qabalisticly speaking) of two central words in the Thelemic phylosophy; Thelema and Agape. Thelema meaning ‘Will’ in Greek and Agape means ‘Love’. Read more

Weak Willed?

To pursue one’s Will is the ultimate goal of many a Thelemite and any who manage to discover their true Will will probably attest to a burning desire to proceed unencumbered. Knowledge of Thelemic doctrine will assist those who know it, but eventual Knowledge and Conversation with their HGA will dispose them of any need for further guidance from other less ethereal sources. Thelema has copious amounts of guidance in all fields of life and many institutions exist to guide the eager to their end desire. But what of the solitary?

I do not attest to knowing even the faintest smidgen of my true Will and have come nowhere near to peeking at my HGA, let alone having a chat. I search and investigate, try new things, discover old knowledge I had forgotten I used to know and generally bumble around not really pointing in any one direction because none of them ‘feel’ right.

Weak willed? I don’t think so. I believe that the basic idea of Thelema, a True and Holy Will, a purpose behind our incarnation, is ‘probably’ correct as the opposite of that is too horrible to consider. I don’t believe in the idea of a great bearded deity lording it over his domain but then I don’t believe in the lack of any form of spiritual being, angel, demon or otherwise. For all I know, the Stargate series on TV could be correct and all spiritual beings could be an ancient race that learned how to do away with their corporeal bodies and ascended to another plane of existence. It could be that all spiritual communications are with these beings.

But I digress…

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