Life, as it appears to many of us, is sorrow. We come into this world, we experience pain, we die. The cycle goes on with no end in sight and little in the way of reward for our troubles. Yet our troubles are just that… ours.

Our pain, our sorrow, are in us. They are part of us, and just as an infected limb can be cut off, so can our misery be removed. Each and every one of us can rid ourselves of this interminably pointless existence by waking up.

But how does one awaken if one does not know one is asleep? Read more

a word

To attempt to describe The Grail is a futile exercise. No words can give meaning nor sense to the concept. To know The Grail is the only way, and, once known, no words are needed.

The Grail is before you, yet you do not see it.

The Grail is in you, yet you do not know it.

The Grail has been with you since the beginning of time, yet you do not remember it. Read more