I have heard of this before, and experienced it many times. It is when the sense of spiritual connection disappears. There is a loss of connection and a spiritual ‘dryness’ continues, for days, weeks, or even months. Pray, meditation and even ritual make no difference. I believe that this is what is known as the dark night of the soul. Many a practitioner will have encountered it. Doubt reigns supreme and no matter what you do, God seems to have deserted you. This is what is happening to me at the moment.
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Life, as it appears to many of us, is sorrow. We come into this world, we experience pain, we die. The cycle goes on with no end in sight and little in the way of reward for our troubles. Yet our troubles are just that… ours.

Our pain, our sorrow, are in us. They are part of us, and just as an infected limb can be cut off, so can our misery be removed. Each and every one of us can rid ourselves of this interminably pointless existence by waking up.

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