1 John 4:18 Fear and self-doubt are things I am dealing with at the moment. Is my new found experience to be trusted, which means I have been wrong all my life, or is it just a mid-life phase I am going through. I have pretty much ignored the Bible’s words for 50 years now, only reading it 10 years back, and finally dismissing it as so much superstition. But now I find myself drawn to it like a moth to a candle. Have I been so very wrong?
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The Beginning

1 Peter 1:14 Christ has been calling me for ages… I know this because he got through to me, for a while, about 10 years ago. The problem was that I was terrified by the experience. Don’t ask me why, but it felt like I was being watched over 24/7. I was bad, I was not worth it, I HAD to go to church and believe this and that. It was, to be quite frank, a horrible experience which lasted roughly 6 months before I came to my ‘senses’ and realized that Christianity wasn’t for me after all. Read more

The History of Reiki – by William Lee Rand

The history of Reiki has been rewritten multiple times, so for you, my reader, I am reproducing a document written by my Master, Mr William Lee Rand. It is as accurate as can be expected after years of research into a field where written documentation is scarce at best, and non-existent at worst. I have met and trained with William, and believe his research to be sound and valid. Read more